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White Crane Classes

The graceful Red Caped White Crane is the symbol of longevity.

A Tibetan Monk's meditation was disturbed by a battle between a white crane and a white ape. The monk watched the crane evaded the aggressive ape's attacks and take the ape's eye. Thus began the fighting style that evolved through time. First the Lion's Roar became the Lama (monk) style, than Hung Gar and eventually became the Tibetan White Crane Style Gong Fu.

As I age, I want to pass on what learned from Dr. George Long, Da Sifu Chan Hak Fu, and Sifu Leon Kwan. They each provided their personal interpretation of Tibetan White Crane Style Gong Fu.

Although Tibetan White Crane did not come from the Shaolin, I am sure, as it moved from Tibet into Central China and then into Southern China, Chinese Culture and Martial Arts have influenced its development.

The White Crane is claimed by both China and Japan. For centuries artist from both countries have depicted the crane in paintings. National Geographics features it in its January 2003 issue.

The White Crane Style emphasizes powerful exertion of force, firm footwork, clear rhythm and the domination of arm movements. All movements must be clean, quick and graceful, while using the following five coordination; the hands and eyes, the eyes and mind, the shoulders and waist, the body and step, and the upper and lower limbs.

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